The Center For Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that more than 1.5 million people suffer from a brain injury every passing year. Its treatment lasts for years and requires extensive therapies which cost very high!

We, as a head injury attorney in San Gabriel Valley, help those workers to file claims against firms, and insurance companies to compensate you where you got a head injury while working. 

Stay with us to get to know more about how we help you to get your rights! 

How Does a Brain Injury Attorney Help You?

A brain injury attorney primarily helps you to strongly get your rights and helps to file head injury claims against insurance companies for compensation that you desire to cover your medical expenses. 

You may be injured due to mismanagement of the insurance companies, or it may be due to another worker. So in both cases, there is not much information about compensation. 

You may be unable to work, become reliant on others, and be unable to accomplish simple things that you once could. The rehabilitation process is extremely lengthy, and it can result in increasing medical expenditures, rehabilitative costs, and sometimes even house modifications.

Here, a specialized brain injury attorney can guide you legally to get compensation from the relevant agency to recover your economic damages.

Compensation You Will Receive

When your brain injury attorney files a case and your application is processed, you may receive these compensations

  • Medical Bills – It covers all the costs of your treatment, such as expenses related to rehabilitation, hospitalization, therapies, and doctor’s visits. It is the insurance company’s responsibility to provide all of this to you and to do so until your reports are completely negative.
  • Grocery Bills – The insurance companies has a responsibility that you are its employee and you are unable to earn at this time due to your medical condition. Therefore, the insurance companies pays all your grocery bills, and that’s your right
  • Rental Bills – Compensation received also includes your rental bills. After filing your case, it is the responsibility of the insurance companies to pay your rental bills keeping in view your medical condition.
  • Non-economic losses are referred to as general damages – They don’t have monetary worth, in other words. Nonetheless, Texas courts acknowledge that you are entitled to compensation for your losses. The following are the most prevalent forms of general damages:
  • Suffering and pain
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of life quality

Workers’ compensation San Gabriel valley, a professional law corporation – a competent, and professional brain injury attorney does the case study for you, and it is our responsibility to bring you all these compensations. Otherwise, it is difficult for you to tackle, and to achieve all of these things alone. Because you are not well aware of laws related to this.


Medically, 85,000 people suffer longer-lasting head injuries, and 50,000 die every year. So don’t you think that if these 50,000 victims had received better medical compensation and mental relief, their number would have been less? We, at Workers’ compensation San Gabriel valley, a professional law corporation, we ensure that every injured employee has his or her medical rights.

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