Who can file a stress case claim in San Gabriel Valley?​

The San Gabriel Valley Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury System provides benefits if you get a workplace injury. If you get hurt on the job, you get protected by law. The right to Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury benefits is in the San Gabriel Valley Constitution. The Stress Case Attorney at Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury San Gabriel Valley reminds you that you have rights underneath the San Gabriel Valley Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury System.

Stress Case Attorney in San Gabriel Valley

Life has become more stressful now than it has ever been before. We are busy and live demanding lives. In addition to that, we often hold very challenging positions in our professional lives. Stress injuries happen regularly at work. They can get caused by a demanding work environment and take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being. They can also occur because we were the victims of a violent act or witnessed such an act. San Gabriel Valley Stress Case Attorney has successfully handled numerous emotional stress claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Stress is a significant health condition that some employers don’t take seriously. If you are suffering stress related to your job and it’s affecting your mental or physical health, you are free to make a Stress claim. You could be eligible for Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Stress Leave payments.

For a stress claim injury to get considered eligible for a workers’ compensation claim, you need to meet the following standards:

  • Your work is 50% accountable for the emotional strain you are experiencing
  • You have worked for that business enterprise for a minimum of 6 months; it doesn’t have to be a continuous employment

If you or someone you know is suffering from heavy or prolonged stress due to the workplace, employer, or workplace injuries, it is only fitting that you should get compensated for it.

Loss of enjoyment of life is an example of a “compensatory damage” that a plaintiff may get awarded in a personal injury case. A plaintiff can also get awarded punitive damages in some of these cases.


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