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Many insurance companies question injured workers’ claims due to fraud, which has become a prevalent problem in cases of Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury. If you feel as if you are being treated as if you are a part of a fraudulent claim, the best way to deal with the insurance company is to hire an experienced Workers’ Comp Attorneys & Personal Injury attorney in San Gabriel Valley to help guide you through the intimidating process of settling your Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury claim.

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The San Gabriel Valley Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury System provides benefits if you are injured at work. If you get hurt on the job, you’re protected by law. The right to Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury benefits is in the San Gabriel Valley Constitution. The Workers’ Compensation Attorneys & Personal Injury attorneys at Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury San Gabriel Valley are here to remind you that you have rights underneath the San Gabriel Valley Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury insurance, also known as workman’s comp, provides benefits to employees who get injured or sick from a work-related cause. It also includes disability benefits, missed wage replacement and death benefits. Workers’ compensation also reduces your liability for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury insurance gives your employees benefits if they have a work-related injury or illness. Also known as workers’ comp or workman’s comp insurance, this coverage can help cover your injured or sick employees’ medical expenses. It can also help replace wages from lost work time. Contact Workers’ Comp Attorneys for your case.

In California, Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury benefits come in several different categories or types:
Medical and Hospital Benefits.
Temporary Disability and Lost Wages.
Permanent Disability.
Supplemental Benefits.
Death Benefits.

Typically, the workers’ comp system in most states offers 66% of your wages. Aside from receiving part of your salary from Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury, you’re also entitled to have medical bills paid that are related to your injury or illness. In general, each bill will be paid as it occurs.


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