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Motor vehicle drivers do not own the roads. Bicyclists and pedestrians have road rights outside of crosswalks and bike lanes. Drivers are obligated to watch for them on the roads at all times. In no circumstance is a driver justified to intimidate a bicyclist or pedestrian, encroach on his or her road space or fail to yield.

If you were hit or run off the road by a driver, you should seek professional legal counsel immediately after receiving appropriate medical care. Contact a Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in San Gabriel Valley for your case.

Who is liable when you are injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

Most pedestrian cases involve a vehicle colliding with a pedestrian, but a pedestrian may be injured in any number of ways, whether on a sidewalk, a road, or just off a road. While the operator of the vehicle can certainly be liable, other potential defendants in a pedestrian accident case can include:

The employer of the operator of the vehicle, if the accident occurred while on the job
The owner of the vehicle (if different from the operator)
A bicyclist or other pedestrian or runner who negligently collided with the victim
The owner of the property where the accident occurred, for example a retailer who operated the parking lot where the pedestrian was, or an apartment management company that failed to maintain its sidewalks
The city, county or other public entity that designed or maintained a sidewalk or crosswalk negligently
A construction contractor if the injury occurred from falling materials or other hazards associated with a construction site
Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys will work with you to identify the proper defendants in your pedestrian accident claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the driver is clearly at fault for a pedestrian accident, the pedestrian will usually be able to recover compensation from the driver and/or the driver’s insurance carrier for the harm caused, and the insurance carrier likely won’t put up much of a fight—although the initial settlement offer will likely be in …

As with most other personal injury claims, the law of negligence determines fault in accidents between vehicles and pedestrians. … So, if a pedestrian fails to exercise reasonable care in some way, and that failure causes a car accident, the pedestrian will be considered at fault.

Can drivers claim compensation from a pedestrian? In any accident involving a pedestrian it is, in theory, open to a driver to claim compensation from the pedestrian in respect of vehicle damage or other injury or losses the driver suffers. However, in the vast majority of cases it makes little sense to do so.

Pedestrians who are crossing a road where there is neither a marked crosswalk or an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection are required to yield the right-of-way to vehicles. Pedestrians must always obey pedestrian signals and use crosswalks at intersections that are signaled.

What Should You Do If You or a Pedestrian Is Hit by a Vehicle?
Seek Medical Assistance Immediately.
Document Your Injuries.
Call the Police.
Do Not Discuss Fault on the Scene or to the Motorist’s Insurance Company.
Contact Your Insurance Company.
Seek Professional Legal Assistance.


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