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In San Gabriel, many roads have inadequate bike lanes or shoulders, and drivers often ignore these protected spaces even when they are present. If you or a loved one has been injured – or even killed – in a bicycle-vehicle accident, you need the services of a San Gabriel Bicycle Accident Attorney – you have the right to take the responsible party to court.

Especially in collisions with automobiles, cyclists are vulnerable to serious injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injury, and lacerations even when wearing the proper safety gear.

However, some bike accidents are not due to careless driving but stem from the rider’s irresponsibility. Bicyclists must follow many of the same laws as car drivers. At San Gabriel we encourage bicyclists to follow all San Gabriel bicycle laws.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents?

There are as many different causes for bicycle accidents as there are for motor vehicle accidents – but because bikers are less protected, they face a far greater risk of sustaining catastrophic injuries or fatal injuries than either drivers or passengers. There can also be multiple factors involved in a bicycle accident: A collision with a pedestrian or a car door may not cause serious injuries on its own, for example, but it could send the cyclist into the path of oncoming cars or trucks.

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Who can file a bicycle accident injury claim in San Gabriel Valley?

The San Gabriel Valley Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury System provides benefits if you are injured at work. If you get hurt on the job, you’re protected by law. The right to Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury benefits is in the San Gabriel Valley Constitution. The Bicycle Accident Attorney at Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury San Gabriel Valley are here to remind you that you have rights underneath the San Gabriel Valley Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury System.

Frequently Asked Questions

The event. In the event of any crash or accident involving a driver and a cyclist – even if it is the cyclist’s fault – a car is a big metal box so the rider will more than likely come off worse. … Like any accident on the road that causes injury or damage, it is recommended that you stop and swap insurance details.

If the accident happened on the way to or from work, or whilst at work, it also suggests they may be covered by their employer’s insurance. If the cyclist has inadequate insurance it will probably be easier to claim on your insurance and let the insurance company take action against anyone who is liable.

If you accidentally hit a cyclist, stop immediately and check for injuries. If necessary, call an ambulance. If the accident was minor, move your vehicle out of the way of traffic and call the police.

Several types of insurance might cover your accident claim for a bicycle collision, including the following:
The at-fault driver’s insurance when a motorist hits a bicyclist.
The bicyclist’s auto insurance.
UIM/UM policy.
Medical payments coverage.
Personal health insurance.
Bicycle insurance.

A guilty finding could result in a driving ban, an unlimited fine, or a prison sentence of up to 5 years. Dangerous driving is a more serious charge and the punishment reflects that; there is a possibility for an unlimited fine, a driving ban and up to 14 years in prison.


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