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When an individual has suffered a work-related injury, the San Gabriel Valley legal system requires that the injured party reports injuries immediately and acts fast to pursue medical and financial compensation from the responsible party. Any delay in reporting the incident may result in a frustrating and costly delay in receiving medical and economic benefits. Because of this, you must note any injury that may occur in the workplace, no matter how small it may seem. San Gabriel Valley Delayed Claim Attorneys have successfully handled numerous cases.

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The San Gabriel Valley Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury System provides benefits if you get injured at work. If you get hurt on the job, you get protected by law. The right to Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury benefits is in the San Gabriel Valley Constitution. The Delayed Claim Attorneys at Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury San Gabriel Valley remind you that you have rights underneath the San Gabriel Valley Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury System.

Frequently Asked Questions

After being injured in a bad accident, you will probably rely on the liable party’s insurance company to pay for your resulting damages. When an insurance claim gets denied, the responding insurance company refuses to pay for the requested damages at that time.

The claim has missing or incorrect information. Information may be inaccurate, incomplete or missing. Whether by accident or intentionally, medical billing and coding errors are common reasons claims are rejected or denied.

There are several reasons insurance companies deny claims that are valid and reasonable. For example, if your accident could have gotten avoided or if your conduct led to the accident, your claim may be denied. An insurance company may also deny a claim if you have engaged in conduct that renders your policy ineffective.

The number one cause for a denial is that a patient isn’t eligible for care under the insurance plan terms. In the research cited above, nearly one in five respondents said: “registration/eligibility” was the leading reason for denials.


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