Sports like wrestling, football, or soccer, as well as high-speed activities like bicycling, in-line skating, skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding, the chance of finger, hand, or wrist damage is increased. Gymnastics and other sports that involve weight-bearing on the hands and arms might increase the chance of injury. Sports that require the use of hand equipment, such as ski poles, hockey or lacrosse sticks, or racquets, are also more likely to cause injury.

Because muscle mass and bone strength decline with age, older individuals are more vulnerable to injuries and fractures. They also have more eyesight and balance issues, which puts them at greater risk of harm.

Hand and wrist injuries resulted in severe accidents and required long-lasting therapies. Due to this painful condition, you are unable to perform routine tasks. In this situation, you should be provided with compensation from your insurance companies. 

Of course, you need to hire hand injury attorneys so that you can legally receive compensation from your insurance companies. But before that, it is more important for you to know which types of hand and wrist injuries you will get compensation for.

Here they are!

Types of hand and wrist injuries

Bone Fractures 

During work, hand and wrist bone fractures may be caused. The scaphoid bone on the thumb side of the wrist, phalanx, and metacarpal, and radial bone near the wrist has more chances to be fractured. 

The hands and fingers can also be amputated and crushed. 

Dislocation of Joints

Due to the high weight products, dislocation of the hand and wrist bones may be caused. The connective tissues and bones of the hand may be separated. 


Burning of hands due to fires, and explosions may also damage your hands. Sometimes, you face extremely severe conditions due to explosions. 


Sprains are caused due to the tearing of connective tissue, and ligaments in the wrist, thumbs, or fingers. That result may be from falls and sudden accidents. 

Wrist Impaction

This may be caused due to the pinching and compression of the wrist joint structures. This resulted in severe pain in the joints.

TFCC Tears

TFCC is the bending or twisting force to the cartilaginous tissues. This mostly occurs on the little finger side of the main wrist joint. TFCC tears can be caused due to falls, and other accidents.


Lacerations refer to the cuts on the hands by sharp objects and broken glass. 

Role of Hand Injury Attorneys in San Gabriel Valley

Undoubtedly, they have great roles in helping you out getting compensation for your medical, and other expenses. They are the ones who benefit you the most by working for your rights and well-being.

Workers’ compensation san gabriel valley, a professional law corporation will help you from the beginning of your hand injury case to your success, all the responsibility is on their shoulders. We represent you legally and ensure your victory.


Whenever you have serious injuries during work, you will need these attorneys. That’s why it’s important that you know all about them in advance, how they work, and how they represent you. 

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