When we think about hearing loss, we might imagine someone who has spent years listening to loud music or working in noisy industrial buildings or construction sites or the natural decrease of the auditory senses as we become older. However, in an accident involving a forceful hit to the side of the head or a rapid shock, such as whiplash, hearing loss is one of the most prevalent injuries.

Serious traumatic injuries to the ear can result in lifelong hearing loss, balance issues, or tinnitus (a persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears), and can be caused by:

  • Automobile collisions
  • Accidents involving slipping and falling
  • Assault\sAbuse
  • Injuries at work

It has been assumed to be one of the most sensitive cases that require high supervision of attorneys, to get successful, and earlier compensation. In San Gabriel Valley, the hearing loss cases due to the accidents are considered to be catastrophic injury cases. 

The reason behind this is that it can dramatically change a person’s life of hearing from one ear. And that’s the case that requires the most care, ultimate therapies, and various medical treatments. So, you will surely need high compensation from your relevant insurance companies to bear these expenses. 

But what if your insurance companies doesn’t give you the compensation that you need? 

In this regard, you need to hire an attorney which can help you to get compensation from the  relevant insurance companies. Also, he professionally represents you in front of the court. Here Workers’ compensation san gabriel valley, a professional law corporation can help you to get easy compesation.

Let’s thoroughly discuss the types of hearing loss issues, and the ways an attorney helps you!

Types of Hearing Loss

The types of hearing loss mainly include two types, sensorineural and conductive. If we talk about conductive hearing loss, it occurs when sound waves from one part of the ear to the other cannot properly transmit to the eardrum. That’s what may be cured within a short time, but still expensive treatments included.

While the sensorineural hearing loss may contain several reasons behind it. This may be due to the damage of portions in the brain that produces sound, or maybe due to the damage of the inner ear or central nerve. 

Essentially, the brain and nerves are unable to process sound here which causes hearing loss. So, you can say that hearing loss is maybe the combination of these two main types. 

What will you get in compensation?

You will get a sizable payment in the hearing loss compensation from your relevant insurance companies. Because it is included in work injury actions. Besides, if you don’t want to get full payment at once, you can file your terms in court through a hearing loss attorney

Now, you will get compensation for your medical bills, grocery bills, rental bills, and all of the other expenses of yours. 


Hearing loss cases are found to be rare in San Gabriel Valley, but these are filed to get a huge amount of compensation from relevant companies. And that’s because the treatment for hearing loss cases is expensive, and you highly need to take care of it. 

For more details, get in touch with Workers’ compensation san gabriel valley, a professional law corporation – helping you to get easy compesation.

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