Bus accidents are a regular occurrence, especially in big cities. Bus drivers have to deal with multiple passengers, traffic, and other elements while driving around the city. In addition, they must also watch out for pedestrians and bicyclists who often end up in their path.

Every year, thousands of American citizens are involved in bus accidents. Bus accidents killed 3,083 people in 2013 alone, which mean that the rate of fatalities due to bus accidents is higher than any other type of transportation incident.

A bus accident can be anything from a small fender bender to a serious car crash that causes injuries and property damage. Such accidents occur while driving in crowded areas, and something as simple as hitting a small pothole can cause serious damage to your vehicle and those around you.

Bus accidents are stressful and traumatic. A Bus Accident Claim service can help ease some stress, so you don’t have to worry.  

No matter whether you’re a victim of an accident or liable for vehicular damage, there are many ways to make the better of situation without opting for faulty claims.

Who is responsible for the damages?

In some cases, the owner or operator of the bus company may be liable for damage even if they were not negligently responsible for the accident. In most cases, the bus company is held liable for injuries caused in accident. If the bus company or its employees cause or contribute to an accident, they may be held responsible.  

If the bus is owned and operated by a private company, the company must take out insurance that will take effect in the event of an accident with one of its employees. If you are a bus passenger and get injured in an accident caused by another driver, you will sue the driver’s insurance. If you are a bus driver who another driver has damaged, you will file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer.

If the accident was due to equipment failure, you could file a lawsuit against the owner or operator of the bus company, possibly the driver or even the bus manufacturer. When a bus driver causes an accident, the injured victim can file a Bus Accident Claim against the state or local government, which operates the bus route.

What to know before filing a Bus Accident Claim?

Depending on the entity responsible for the bus and its operations, you may need to file a complaint with the city or county and the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (part of the California Department of General Services). If the bus company does not have a valid insurance policy, the injured victim will be a plaintiff in the injury case. If the bus involved in the accident is a private service, prosecutors will follow the procedure normally followed in negligence and personal injury cases.

When you are involved in an accident, the first thing to do is get help and get yourself to a safe place. The second thing is to call a lawyer and discuss your case in detail.

You can’t just file a claim these days. You need to know all the facts before you can even consider filing a claim, and you need evidence to back everything up.

There are also different time limits for filing a claim depending on where you live. In some states, if you don’t start the process within two weeks of the accident, your lawsuit will be denied by law.

According to the first 2 California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1, any accident that happens that leads to death or injury must be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) within 10 days from the date of the occurrence. If an individual violates this law, they may get fined $100 per day until they report it. This section also applies if any party involved did not have insurance coverage at the time of the accident.

How to File a Bus Accident Claims?

1) Get Medical Help

The first thing you must do is seeking treatment for your injuries. Even though the accident is unfortunate, be sure to get yourself checked out by a professional doctor or hospital.

2) Get Professional Legal Help

A bus accident claim in California is one of the most complicated cases to handle. When you hire a Bus Accident lawyer, you will have to inform them of everything that happened before, during, and after the crash. The Bus Accident attorney will ask you questions regarding your medical history and the injuries that you incurred. They will also ask you about how the bus was damaged. Your attorney will then start investigating on your behalf.

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