A car accident’s aftermath can be perplexing and upsetting. You have to cope with the physical injuries and vehicle damage, but you also have to find out how to defend yourself legally. This blog post will cover everything you should do to protect yourself following a car accident.

Car Accident in California

In 2016, there were more than 181,000 car accidents in California, according to the California Highway Patrol. These accidents resulted in the deaths of almost 3,000 persons and the injuries of nearly 246,000 others.

A rear-end collision is the most prevalent form of the car accident in California. These incidents cause more than 28% of all accidents in the state. Intersection crashes, T-bone collisions, and single-vehicle collisions are prevalent forms of accidents.

These figures only include accidents that have been reported. The actual number of car accidents is thought to be significantly higher.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in California, San Gabriel personal injury lawyers can help you with your case’s legal and practical aspects.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

If you’re involved in a car accident, you should do a few things right away to protect yourself and make things simpler for everyone involved.

1. Put your hazard lights on and immediately pullover to the side of the road.

2. Double-check to make sure everyone is healthy. Make a 911 call.

3. Report the collision to the police.

4. Communicate with the other drivers involved in the collision.

5. Wait for the police to arrive before leaving the accident area.

Legal Aftermath of a Car Accident

You’ll want to make sure that you and your passengers are secure, and then you’ll want to make sure that your legal rights are protected.

a) After an automobile collision, you should always call the cops. They’ll arrive on the site and file a police complaint. This report will be critical if you decide to pursue a lawsuit later.

b) Get the other driver’s information, such as their name, address, phone number, and insurance information. You should also call the other party’s insurance carrier and file a claim if their negligence caused the collision.

c) Take photographs of the accident scene, acquire the contact information of any witnesses, and document your injuries after the car accident.

d) You may need to employ a personal injury attorney to help you obtain the money you deserve.

 What can a Personal Injury Attorney do for you in case of a car accident?

Car accident claims are something that personal injury lawyers have a lot of necessary experience in. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you might be eligible for compensation. A personal injury attorney can help you file a car accident claim and get the money you deserve. Car accident lawsuits can be challenging to navigate, so having an experienced lawyer on your side is critical. From negotiating with the insurance company to filing a lawsuit, personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle all parts of your case.

Immediately contact a personal injury lawyer if you’ve gotten injured in a car accident. They will be able to guide you through the best course of action and aid you in achieving the car accident settlement you deserve. They are well-versed in the most effective ways to file a claim and will work relentlessly to ensure that you receive your money. They will also advise you on the best course of action based on your circumstances. A car accident attorney’s key responsibilities include:

  • A personal injury lawyer can assist you in filing a claim for an automobile accident.
  • They will collaborate with you to achieve the best possible result in your case.
  • They will also negotiate with the insurance provider to ensure that your injuries are adequately reimbursed.
  • If necessary, they can also assist you in filing a lawsuit.

It would be best to take many things to safeguard yourself after a car accident. This blog post outlined the steps to take following a car accident in order to secure your safety and security. Please visit us at San Gabriel Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorney or call us at 626-602-9483 if you have any additional questions or require legal assistance.

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