If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may wonder if you have a personal injury claim. Making a claim can be daunting, and there is a lot of misinformation about what you can and can’t claim for. This blog will debunk some of the most common myths about personal injury claims. We will also give you some helpful advice about what to do if you have been injured in an accident.

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Myth #1: You Have to Go to Court to Get Compensation

Many people are put off making a personal injury claim because they think they will have to go to court. This is not true. Many personal injury claims are settled without the need for a court appearance.

If your case goes to court, you will be represented by a solicitor who will do all the work for you. You will only have to appear in court if you give evidence.

Myth #2: You Have to Pay Upfront to Make a Claim

Another common myth about personal injury claims is that you must pay upfront to make a claim. This is also not true. All personal injury solicitors work on a No Win, No Fee basis.

You will not have to pay anything to start your claim. If your claim is successful, your solicitor’s fees will be paid out of your compensation award. If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay anything.

Myth #3: Compensation Won’t Cover the Cost of Medical Treatment

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be worried about the cost of medical treatment. Many believe that any compensation they receive will not cover the cost of their treatment. This is not the case. Compensation is designed to cover the cost of all your medical treatment, both past, and future. It will also cover other expenses, such as loss of earnings and travel expenses.

Myth #4: You Have to Claim from the Person Who Caused the Accident

Another common myth is that you must make your claim against the person who caused the accident. This is only sometimes the case. If someone else’s negligence caused the accident, you could claim against their insurers.

For example, if you were involved in a car accident caused by a faulty tire, you would claim against the driver’s insurers. You would not have to argue against the driver.

Myth #5: You Have to Claim Within a Certain Period

Many believe they only have a certain amount of time to make a claim. This is not true. There is no time limit on making a personal injury claim.

However, it is essential to seek legal advice as soon as possible after the accident. This is because there are time limits on how long you must gather evidence. So, don’t delay – call an experienced Personal Injury Attorney today for a free consultation.  

Many misconceptions about personal injury claims stop people from seeking the compensation they deserve. The truth is that personal injury claims are not as complicated or time-consuming as people think. Additionally, you don’t have to be severely injured to file a claim – any injury caused by someone else’s negligence can be grounds for a lawsuit. If you have been injured, don’t hesitate to contact San Gabriel Valley Personal Injury Attorneys or call us at (626) 602-9483 for a free consultation.

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