Workers’ compensation is an insurance program for employees who are injured or become ill on the job. Workers’ compensation claim be filed for a variety of reasons, such as workplace accidents, repetitive stress injuries, and occupational diseases.

In the majority of cases, workers’ compensation will cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. However, workers’ compensation claim does not cover punitive damages, pain and suffering, or emotional distress.

So, what can you do while receiving a workers’ compensation claims? Here is a list of permitted and prohibited actions while your claim is active.

What Are The Restrictions On Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Most workers’ compensation claims are valid, but claimants need to be aware of a few restrictions. For instance, workers’ compensation won’t pay for costs that have nothing to do with injury or illness. This includes things like travel costs, childcare costs, and legal fees.

Also, workers’ compensation claims won’t pay for injuries you cause to yourself outside of work. So, you can’t file a workers’ compensation claim if you get hurt in a car accident or while playing sports.

Lastly, workers’ compensation claims won’t pay for injuries caused by drinking or using drugs. So, if you get hurt at work while high on drugs or alcohol, you won’t be able to get workers’ compensation.

What’s Prohibited While on Workers’ Compensation Claim?

During a workers’ compensation claim, there are a few things you can’t do. These things are:

  1. You can’t work for another company while your workers’ compensation claim is paying out. This is because if you get hurt again, you might not be able to get help from your first claim.
  2. You can’t get benefits from two different workers’ comp claims at the same time. If you do, your benefits will end, and you may have to pay back any money you got.
  3. You must get all the medical care you need to get better from your injury. If you don’t want to get treatment, your boss can end your workers’ comp benefits.
  4. You can’t file for bankruptcy or do anything else with your money that could hurt your workers’ compensation claim.
  5. Most of the time, you can’t get any help from your employer if you are getting workers’ compensation claim benefits. This includes your salary, health insurance, and anything else your employer gives you.
  6. You can’t sue your boss for an accident that hurt you on the job. This is because you can get workers’ compensation instead of suing your employer.
  7. You can’t leave the country either, which is another thing you can’t do. If something happens and you need medical help, your doctor may not be able to help you as well if you are overseas.
  8. Quitting your job is another thing you should not do. Leaving your job will make it harder for you to get benefits, and it could even cause your claim to be turned down.


When you are getting a workers’ compensation claim, you can usually do anything your doctor says. You can also go back to work in a limited way if your boss says it’s okay. You should talk to a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer if you have any questions about your rights or benefits. At San Gabriel Valley, our goal is to help workers who have been hurt get the benefits they deserve. For a free consultation, call us at (626) 602-9483 right now.

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