Speaking with a head injury attorney at our firm will help you get fair pay, which is much more than what an insurance company would offer at first. When it comes to settlements, there is no exact formula used by the insurance business.

Since head injuries can be very bad, it can be hard to figure out how much money a person should get in a personal injury payout. Special Damages makeup for the money that was lost because of an accident.

Here are some examples of special damages:

  • Hospital Costs
  • Lost Wages
  • Lost ability to make money
  • Costs of the funeral and burial
  • Damage to property

General Damages are damages that can’t be replaced with money, like:

  • Pain and suffering in the body
  • Shock and mental pain
  • Loss of good name
  • Loss of company (for the victim’s spouse or other family member)
  • Distressed emotions

How to Get Treatment For Your Head Injury

  • For minor injuries, the treatment plan will generally include resting (both physically and mentally), being closely watched, and taking painkillers.
  • Some medicines are given to lower the chance of having seizures or to lower the pressure and swelling in the brain. In the worst cases, drugs may be used to put a person into a sleep that safeguards the brain.
  • When the problem is serious, steps will be taken to lower the amount of pressure in the brain. This is essential to make sure the person stays healthy and able to work in the long run.
  • Some damage to the head or brain may need surgery. These can involve surgeries to remove a hemorrhage, stop bleeding in the brain, ease strain in the head, or fix fractures in the skull.
  • For example, neuropsychologists and physiotherapists are often needed to help people recover from brain damage.

Whose fault is it that you injured your head?

In a head injury claim, it can be hard to figure out who is legally liable if it isn’t clear right away. If more than one individual is to blame for the head injury, each person will probably have a different lawyer or insurance company defend them.

How Can a Lawyer Specializing in Head Injury Cases Help Me Get the Most Compensation Possible?

Your chances of collecting full compensation for lost wages, suffering and pain, and medical expenditures can be improved with the assistance of a head injury lawyer, who can help optimize those chances.

An attorney may also help arrange for medical treatment, which is something that may be difficult to achieve for a person who doesn’t have health coverage or a doctor who is willing to provide care on a lien basis. In the majority of cases, this is something that an attorney can do.

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