A knee or foot injury can hurt and make it hard to move. If your knee or foot is hurt, you might not be able to do the things you normally do at work or in your free time. Knee injuries, in particular, can last for the rest of a person’s life and often require several surgeries as well as additional treatments to get better.

If you were hurt on your job in California and hurt your knee or foot, you can get workers’ compensation for your injuries. If you can’t work because of an injury to your knee or foot, you may be eligible for temporary and/or long-term disability benefits.

What Is Knee Injury?

The knee joint is important for our leg to move and work. Injury to the knee joint can make it hard for a person to move around, since the leg doesn’t work without the knee. A serious knee injury can result in permanent impairment and may even make it impossible for the person to walk again. Most ACL(anterior cruciate ligament) injuries happen when a person’s foot is firmly planted on the floor and a quick force hits the knee whilst the leg is straight. An ACL injury can also be caused by falling from the ladder or stair.

What Is Foot Injury?

The foot is made up of 25% of all the bones in the body. The foot is easy to hurt because it has numerous bones and is used all the time. Fractures caused by impact, stress fractures, sprains, infections, dislocations, and heel spurs are some of the most common types of foot injuries. When treating your injury to the foot, it is very important to make a correct evaluation. If a foot injury isn’t handled or is treated wrong, it could cause pain for the rest of your life.

Common Work-related Knee And Foot Injuries

Workplace crashes often cause knee and foot injuries. Injury due to overload can happen in construction jobs, factories, and various other jobs that require a lot of lifting or moving. So much of the things we do everyday puts strain on our knees and feet, which can hurt our muscles, nerves, and joints in many different ways. Also, working in any setting can lead to a quick accident that causes a serious injury.

Common things that cause knee and foot injuries from collisions include:

  • Unexpected slips and falls
  • Drops from up high
  • Hit by things that fell, flew, dropped, or rolled
  • When you land on a hard place
  • Over-extension
  • Scaffolding or ladder fall
  • Lifting, turning, or pulling with a lot of effort
  • Vehicle accidents

If you got hurt on your job, you may be wondering how to get the maximum compensation for your knee and foot injury. The first step is to talk to a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer. At San Gabriel Valley, our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you get the right amount of money. We will never stop fighting for you. Call us right away at (626) 602-9483 to set up a free appointment.

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